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All Day, Everyday: I got really excited when I saw Baybayin being...

  1. I got really excited when I saw Baybayin being featured on Lost Girl.
    (FYI: Baybayin is a pre-colonial writing system used in the Philippines.)
    I got a lot less excited when I translated it and got gibberish:/

    It also makes me uncomfortable that only the bolded scripts on the book are Baybayin symbols. I don’t recognize the other symbols but I’m sure they’re not baybayin.

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    OMG. The name on the arm reads, “Di-yo-li-na” or “Joleen,” the name of one of the other characters in the episode.
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    OP: Too bad it was gibberish. They should have consulted an expert at least. I don’t watch the show, but did they also...
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    Awww, I wish it hadn’t turned out to be gibberish… but it’s really neat that it was featured a little bit, eh?
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