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  6. "Be kind. Be loving. Go out of your way."
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  8. "Turn over the loose stones
    And also know
    The faces of what
    We are not,
    What we refuse to be.
    These are as just as he
    Who slips eyeglasses on,
    Pondering on Ben Ezra,
    And she who dips her aging hands
    Into the silent clouds
    Of incense.

    Dark and fey, but alchemic
    As quicksilver
    The wood nymphs run,
    Those spurned when she was twelve.
    And he has quite forgot,
    That, past the coral reefs, a sea faun
    Dangles the bait and rod.

    Still, we foster
    The acquiescent shape
    By our rejection,
    Giving voice, blood, name
    To the random breath;
    Love is many and truth is just,
    And so we are; Both
    What we choose,
    And we refuse."

    Afternoon of a Sea Faun, Edith L. Tiempo

    Today is the 95th birth anniversary of Edith L. TiempoNational Artist for Literature.

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